Kwik Kerb Commercial Kerbing

Kwik Kerb® is the leading product for light commercial continuous concrete edging. With Kwik Kerb® Business Owners all around Australia Kwik Kerb® is a fast efficient solution to your kerbing requirements.
Kwik Kerb® is the ideal product for:

· Car Parks

· Wheel Stops

· Play grounds

· Public parks

· Golf Courses

· Body Corporate

· Chemical Bunting Areas

· & many more uses


Kwik Kerb® is Customisable:

Have a strange shaped garden, or want to create a new garden bed in the middle of your lawn not a problem with Kwik Kerb®.
Choose your shape from six standard profiles and two large profiles.
Choose your colour, there are many colours and colour combinations to choose from.
Choose your style – from Brick, Slate, Wood or plain finishes available.

Kwik Kerb® Quality Assurance:
Kwik Kerb® Business Owners offer you a satisfaction guarantee. If you choose a Kwik Certified Kerb® Business Owner as the provider of your concrete edging, you can be assured of a job you will be well satisfied with by a Certified Kwik Kerb Operator, doing everything possible to provide you with the best product available. Operators are fast, reliable and most jobs can be finished in a single day.

All Kwik Kerb® operators undertake comprehensive training to receive their Accreditation. Kwik Kerb® is a non-structural product and therefore does not require a building licence by any State Government authorities.

To provide the product with room to flex as the ambient temperature changes, control joints are installed. This allows the Kwik Kerb® to crack in a controlled way when ground movement etc. stresses the kerb. A minimum of one part cement to four parts aggregate is used in the Kwik Kerb® concrete mix. This provides a consistently high strength concrete kerb. Most Kwik Kerb® is also over-laid with a special, very strong cement sand mixture which makes the surface of your concrete edging very resistant to scratching, chipping and weathering. (Most alternative kerbing companies do not use this method and the result is a very short life span for their edging.) Kwik Kerb® also has a special sealer applied to the surface of the concrete as it is installed.

Contact Kwik Kerb® Today:
Kwik Kerb® has hundreds of Business Owners around Australia and many more worldwide so chances are Kwik Kerb® is available in your area, please fill in the contact form to have a local operator contact you to set up a time for a free no obligation quote.