Durable. Customisable. Attractive.


Kwik Kerb has many advantages over other forms of garden edging.



Choose Your Shape

Kwik Kerb comes in six standard shapes and two larger sizes. All have been designed for specific purposes and styles. Fill in the contact form to speak with our Certified Kwik Kerb Operator to select the best option for your kerbing solution.

Choose Your Colour

To generate the most vibrant colour for your kerbing, Kwik Kerb use a concrete colour hardener to coat the kerb. Not only does this give a deeper colour, it also strengthens the kerb, giving the surface a more resistance to chipping and scratching than normal concrete.

Kwik Kerb has a great range of colours you can choose from, with multiply shades of natural earth colours, and the ability to match the existing colour pallets of your home.  Our range is for ever growing, and has proven to be popular for over 25 years,  you are sure to find what you want.

Multiple colours can be used to create customisable styles for your kerbing, fill in the contact form to speak with our Certified Kwik Kerb Operator to discuss what would be suit your home.


Choose Your Style


What style you want is completely up to you with Kwik Kerb. Kwik Kerb has two main finishing styles Eurostyle and Eurobrick and within these are any number of variations.

Eurostyle Slate Impression edging is hand finished with detailed textures that mimic the desirable look of real slate.

Eurostyle Rustic Wood edging like Slate Impression is hand finished and made to look like wood sleepers. However, unlike wood sleepers you can lay Kwik Kerb in any shape you desire.

eurostyle-19Eurobrick authentic bricks and mortar styled edging. A patented process exclusive to Kwik Kerb Business Owners, Eurobrick is a great way to finish your kerbing and allows you to design your own paver look in your garden.

Any number of colours or combination of colours can be used to give your kerb the style you want. So don’t wait, fill in the contact form and set up a time for a free no obligation quote.